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Friday, 15 June 2018

Charity swap haul/ unboxing

Oh I am bubbling with excitement to share this fun little haul with you all. If you follow me on instagram, you may have spotted a few stories over the recent month about a fun little collab I had been working on with the wonderful Yammy Mackin!  I've followed Yammy on youtube for a number of years & then connected with her via instagram. Bonding over all things, from eco and sustainable fashion, to babywearing & nappies. We have a very similar style in choices of toys and clothes we purchase for our kids. And have similar thoughts on parenting & generally how we are going about raising our little tribes. Yammy is just one of those amazing women, who is just so strong and inspiring. Someone who, I feel so lucky to have connected and formed a little friendship with!

Yammy has recently expanded into the world of written blogging alongside her youtube and we had thrown around the idea of collaborating on something for a little while now. Then about a month ago we came up with the idea of doing a little kids charity swap. Both Yammy and I are fans of more sustainable fashion and being more conscious when purchasing clothes. One way we have both found to do this is to shop preloved or through our local Charity shops. With this in mind we set a little challenge for one another, to buy each others kids some clothes but with the combined budget of £15. So £15 for clothes for two kids, bought either from preloved groups on fb, off ebay or in our local charity shops. I absolutely loved shopping for her two gorgeous boys Sebastian and Albert and of course I couldn't forget little bump too. I tried super hard to stick to the £15 and think I went over by about 60p or something. I sourced the clothes from about three different charity shops in my local area and then two items online from preloved group and ebay. If you would like to see what I got Yammy's boys hit this link here and pop over to see her youtube video with her first reactions opening the parcel!! I was so nervous to see what she thought, especially about my "wild card" jeans!!!
But lets get onto the amazing haul that arrived in the post from Yammy for my little's this week!!
Up first is the lovely bits for "Babs". Including these gorgeous floral Jeggings from Gap. I think these are my favourite item out of the clothes for her. They are totally her style, really comfy, great quality and honestly look like brand new!
Yammy also picked her up another pair of blue leggings, which are perfect for the summer. Babs lives in leggings in the spring and summer, wearing them under skirts or dresses and with t-shirts. She had actually outgrown her other navy pair so these arrived at the perfect time!
Next up a beautiful Cat jumper. If you know babs, you will know two things, firstly her favourite colour is pink, always pink, it has been since she was about three and second she is obsessed with cats. She is desperate for a kitten, but as we have two guinea pigs and a dog currently, getting a kitten doesn't look likely anytime soon! She will just have to make do with a pink cat jumper instead! All jokes aside she loves this! Although her size 5-6 it is on the larger side which is great as, not only is it perfect for cooler evenings now but I am hoping it will still fit come autumn time too! love this with the  leggings above!

Keeping with the knitted theme how amazing is this skirt!!! The detail on the hem is gorgeous! It twirls when you spin round, which is requirement number one for babs. It's super soft and comfy and light enough for summer but also will be lovely layered with tights and boots come autumn too!
The final item for babs was this lovely H&M butterfly light jumper. H&M is one of my favourite brands for kids clothes. They are good quality the company is one that is more conscious, which I like. The sizing is good. This top is really lovely!
I'm so impressed with Yammy's picks for babs, all of these items I would have picked up for her myself!! Now onto OJ's haul!

How gorgeous are these!!! Im loving the grey leggings with the little seals on the knee! Adorable! The whale trousers are so sweet! I've actually got a little t-shirt with a whale applique which will match perfectly with these! And the mustard dino print leggings from Zara are amazing! My favourite colour on OJ is mustard he has a gorgeous little mustard beanie from H&M which will look so good teamed with these and the lovely little gap top below!
I love how Yammy has purchased pieces that can all be mixed and matched to make outfits. This little gap top is so nice and will go perfectly with all three pairs of leggings. And I love this little zip up hoodie with the cutest little bear ears on the hood!! Again perfect for mix and mixing with.

This t-shirt is one of my favourite items from the haul, look at the safari pictures in the binocular lenses, how cool is that! But I have saved the best to last. Both babs and I let out a "OHHHHH" when this next item came out of the parcel bag.
 A little bird zip up top with rainbow detail! YES! Isn't it stunning. I have actually unsuccessfully bid on these tops before on ebay and on preloved pages and never been lucky enough to nab one for OJ so when this arrived to say I was over the moon is actually an understatement! Such a perfect pick for him! Couldn't have chosen better myself! So thank you Yammy you superstar!

I hope this post has inspired you to give shopping preloved or charity shop a go. Step out of your comfort zone, maybe cast out of your mind your notions of what it means to shop charity or "second hand". I know for some it can be associated in a negative or almost taboo way, but honestly it can be the most fun and positive shopping experience you will have. There are amazing bargains to be had, you never know what great wee item you will find, the proof is above. All of this came in around or just slightly over budget. Under £20 for two kids is really budget friendly but also really eco-friendly and a sustainable way to buy clothes. So give it a go! If you'd like to see what we sent Yammy just pop over watch her video!

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