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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Simple free DIY Wildflower Floral Crown

Little ones love floral crowns, they are the perfect accompaniment for imaginative play. Both my kids love pottering about in the garden with a crown on their heads. And they just look so adorable, like little wild ones. I love it. There are so many beautiful examples online of  fresh floral crowns but these can be pricey if you opt to use shop bought flowers. Buying shop bought not only costs but also takes a bit more organisation in sourcing the flowers too. Instead I tend to make crowns with wildflowers or as my hubby calls them ... weeds! Ha!
These wildflowers are easily sourced this time of year, from hedgerows or country lanes. They are everywhere locally to us. I tend to use a mix of the cow parsley (long stalks and tiny white flowers)  and other long stalked flowers such as the yellow buttercups, and dandelions which in the countryside seem to grow super long. I also add in some long grasses and whatever other wee flowers I come across at the time.
But the joy of these is you can really use anything you fancy in these and they will look amazing!

The simplest way I have learned to make a strong floral crown is to do is a twisted stem method. You need only the flowers and grass to do this. No wires or other materials, which makes these crowns safer in my mind for kids to play with but also makes them so easy to do on spur of the moment.


Step 1:

Lay one long stem horizontal and lay the other long stem vertically over the top like above :

Step 2:

Twist the vertical stem under and around the horizontal stem.

Step 3:

and pull the end of the now twisted vertical stem along the horizontal stem as above. 

Step 4:
Repeat with new stems, keep doing this until you have your desired length of crown. Then get the two ends and another long strong stem of flowers or grass and wrap around the ends binding them together like a ribbon would and knot or tie it.

So simple, yes very rustic, but you can make these as full and big or small as you like. Likewise the more time you spend on them the neater they will be. The crown above was made in under five minutes whilst drinking a cuppa! The most perfect way to spend some time doing a little activity with the kids this spring/summer.


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