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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Easter baskets 2018

Easter baskets are one of the traditions I started for babs back five years ago at her first Easter and have continued each year since. Last year OJ was just a teeny two months old at Easter, so this is really his first proper Easter where he can be involved in the egg hunt and will actually enjoy getting his little Easter basket with his sister. So here is what is in each kiddo's basket this year & scroll to the end of the post if you wanna see the alternative Easter Egg Nannie is getting this year.

For starters, I've bought two little Easter themed air ballons (you know the type that never seem to deflate?!) Both kid's love these, we still have one floating about that was for mother's day that OJ loves to run after  his sister with, so i'm certain these will go down a treat!
 First up Bab's basket:
The actual basket is a beautiful soft faux fur pink bunny basket with the most amazing big ears, from tkmaxx. Babs spotted this in tkmaxx a month or two back and really really wanted it. But (cue the mum guilt) I said no. I went back a few days later, after she had mentioned how much she loved it time and time again and it was gone. The joys of  tkmaxx is, you can never guarantee what they have nor that they will have it the next time your in. Nannie to the rescue, babs had of course mentioned it to her also and my mum had spotted this one in her local tkmaxx. So we have one happy girl (she has had this basket already just not the other bits and bobs).
Now onto the other items:
Easter egg: Peppa Pig- Home bargains (under £2)
Rainbow windmill: Home bargains (under £2) . This is the large one and OJ has the slightly smaller one. We had these last summer in the garden flower beds and babs loved them. But the weather over the winter has really battered them so these will be nice fresh bright replacements.
Pastel Sandals, Laura Ashley: purchased in TKmaxx £9.99  I instantly loved these when I spotted them a few weeks back. They are super soft and lovely and will be perfect for spring / summer.

Bunny t-shirt : H&M £2.99. Such a sweet little top, perfect for the Egg hunt at nannie & granda's.
LuLu bow : Home Bargains (under £2) Basically a cheaper version of the famous JoJo bows (but this mama doesn't wanna pay £7 a bow and theses are just as lovely as good a quality. Babs is a bow addict, she will love this!
Fairy activity pack :local card shop 99p . Normally each year I have got babs some sort of Easter colouring book etc, but I thought this was a little different, nice that the fairy has red hair like her and it comes in a handy pack which would be good for when we are out and about or heading to my parents house etc.
Disney Easter bowl & Plate : Tesco (I think these were £1 each) We needed a few more handy snack plates and bowls, these are a good quality for the price and babs loves mini mouse so this sold them for me.

Now onto OJ's basket

As you can see one thing is missing? The basket! Yep his basket is currently in the attic, but he will have one Sunday morning I promise. 
Balloon 99p I know this is probably going to be his favourite item from the basket, nothing else will get a look in most likely once he spots this.
Mini windmill Home Bargains (under £2) to match babs, i'm hoping the weather picks up in the coming weeks and we can get out into the garden. Do some planting and pop these into the flower beds.
Duck sponge : Home Bargains (under £1)
Duck wash cloth hand puppet: Home Bargains (under £1) OJ is a water baby and these are a nice wee nod to Easter for bath times. 
Bunny bubbles: Home Bargains (£1) He hasn't experienced the joy that is bubbles yet, I don't think at least. Looking forward to showing him these. 
Easter Egg: milky way. Ignore the fact it's Nestle, I know. I do. And try to avoid them as much as possible. However I don't know what it is about milky bar's (probably advertising) but they seem the more toddler friendly option? I know if I was offered dairy milk buttons or milky buttons for OJ I'll always pick the milky. Likewise if someone else buys them for him they do the same. So this egg seemed like the logical easter option for him, that and it is quite small.  
Disney mickey mouse Easter Plate and bowl : Tesco (£1 each) these are really cute and hes started to use little plates, all of which have been bought for his sister, so these will be his first official plate & bowl bought just for him. 
Mustard Beanie : H&M on sale for £2 I spotted this as I was paying for bab's top. I adore beanies on OJ, he wears one at some point most days and this mustard colour will just look adorable on him. 
Throwing this into the mix, you might have seen one of my previous posts about what was in the Easter basket for my mum from the kids last year? If not have a read here. This year I picked up this gorgeous egg by Ghost, from Superdrug for £6. Inside is a little minature perfume. I thought this was a gorgeous alternative for Easter for my mum from the kids. And how amazing is the card?! My local Tkmaxx has really had the best selection of cards recently! 

I'm really looking forward to Easter this year, I think because Bab's is super excited she has made everyone else excited too! We will be doing the egg hunts, the baskets, trips to Barrys in Portrush, sleepovers with nannie & granda and hopefully in the coming weeks welcoming a new baby cousin to the family!  But we will also be exploring the true Easter story with the kids. Whatever you do I hope you have a lovely one! 


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