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Monday, 26 March 2018

Bubba Bag teething toys

Teething is one of those things that I know alot of mums, myself included, just dread. Those little nashers coming through can cause all types of problems for little ones from, temps and tummy upsets to bright red cheeks & restless nights and of course aching little gums. Both of our kids have started teething quite early on. Babs got her first tooth through at exactly 4 months whilst OJ got his first few through in one go just before five months.
For each of them I had my trusty go to teething remedies. I swear by the natural teething powders as well as milk lollies and wet cloths frozen (have wee peak here at my teeting tips pinned) for little gums to munch on. I have always had a few items of teething jewellery including teething safe necklaces, that I would have worn more often when the kids were very little and often carried in a wrap or buckle carrier as they could happily and safely chew on it whilst being carried. 
 As they get older and more independent they find things to chew on as they play, everything goes into little mouths, especially when teething, but not all toys are ideal for this. GumiGem however have developed a fantastic range of teething toys, that are both fun, but also safe and made for chewing and biting to ease teething discomfort. 
GumiGem so kindly sent OJ their Bubba Bag tool Bag recently, the tool bag is part of their teething toy range. 

Included in the tool bag is a little hammer, a spanner, a tape measure and a little saw. All are made from soft, flexible non toxic silicone. They are dishwasher and steriliser safe too. The spanner, hammer and saw have little loop holes where you can attach them to a dummy clip/toy clip to take out and about with you. 
 We have literally taken our bag everywhere! It goes in the car with us, keeps OJ entertained on the school run and long drives up to my parents. He loves carrying the bag about, inside and outside! The bag is really robust and withstands OJ pitching it down outside (as you can see above!) and swinging it about. There are four little compartments in it, as well as the handle. OJ just loves to pop the tools in and out as well as adding other bits and bobs he finds on his travels!
When hes teething he seems to favour the saw or spanner the most. But all of the tools have been put through the OJ chew test over the past few weeks. Not only does he chew on them but he also really plays with them. He hammers things and pretends to saw bits and bobs and fix things with the spanner, much to the delight of hubby (who is a joiner).

The toys are great quality, as is the bag, OJ has really taken to this little set it is by far one of his go to toys and I can see it remaining a favourite in the coming months.
Any of the bubba bags would make a great baby gift, something both fun but useful too. The items can be purchased individually too, I think we might order a few of the items from the other sets to add into this little bag for him too!
Overall we have been really impressed with it and it has definitely been added to my list of essentials for teething!

*we have been gifted this item in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own!* 

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