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Thursday, 1 February 2018

I always wanted a pony

I did! All my childhood I had that quite sterotyped dream of having my own pony. It didn't happen, but babs, well she's one lucky little lady. Lucky in two ways, lucky that one,  her nannie & granda live in the countryside with space around them and two that she has an auntie who is a horse mad enabler!
 Bab's mentioned a few times around the age of three she'd like a pony, she has been around her aunties various horses since she was a baby and has always loved them. My sister being the horse lover that she is latched onto this idea and within a matter of a few weeks, little Tiny had arrived!

Tiny by name but not by nature! This little pony sold to us by a particular gent with a southern brogue quoted hes probably ten year old?! In reality he's more likely twenty! With the most beautiful wee face and soulful eyes. He's a bit of a manhater, he point blank refuses to take any instruction from my dad and will occasionally listen to my brother but is besotted with my mum and will follow her on voice command.

He's a fusspot, he doesn't like pink lady apples? Have you ever in your life come across a pony that would sniff an apple and eat it if it is say a gala but you offer him a pink lady and he wont let it cross his lips?! Well you have now. He's spoilt rotten, my mum treats him like a prince, he's regularly let into the garden for a change of scenery from the field or stable! He's never really ridden, he's in his retirement home after all! He's given the best of bedding, food, treats, you name it. king tiny is well looked after! He's even had a little walk into the house once, if you follow me on instagram you'd have seen this! And despite one unfortunate incident with a cattle grid due to a farmer, the less said about that the better, his life since he arrived with our family has been and continues to be pretty darn perfect!
Joking aside I feel really blessed that my little ones are lucky enough to have their own pony and be able to enjoy learning how to look after and care for him! 

And secretly I'm so glad at 28 I finally got my pony! 

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