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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Freedom, half term

 It was so nice to just hang up the uniform, and have no school run for a few days! We are so incredibly lucky that we made the right decision school wise for babs. She loves it & has loved it from day one, but that doesn't mean she doesn't look forward to the school holidays! And anyone who knows me, knows i'd keep her home everyday of the week if I could! So I was beyond excited for having my gorgeous girl at home for a few days!
We had no "big" plans for the half term break, just to chill and have a couple of home days. Babs had been secretly hoping for a trip up to nannie & grandas and that when there she might get to Barry's (in Portush) but as they don't open until Easter, she's had to put her plans of a trip on the hobby horses on hold for a few weeks yet! Instead we've spent the past few days, rejigging her room, playing with the gorgeous guineas (pigs) Florence and Honey. Crafting & watching films and of course reading. Our girl is never far from a book. As some of you may have seen on my instagram, my poor Hubby hasn't had much of a rest, he has spent the past few days, ripping up our hall floor and putting down the new tiles. But the efforts been worth it, it looks amazing, if I do say so myself!
I've loved not having to get up at what feels like the crack of dawn and onto the school run. Not that we haven't been up at the crack of dawn. The kids are both on team super bright and early wake ups! But its been nice to have time to potter about in pjs, get a cuppa and breathe before starting our days.

Now its back to porridge in the morning! The uniform is set out and ready to go and lunch box packed & in the fridge. I always feel a tinge of sadness when she has to go back to school,I hate that shes away for 5 hours a day but tucking her into bed tonight she said "I cannot wait to get into school in the morning" and that just filled my wee heart up. She's happy, i'm happy.


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