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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Easter baskets

Easter is one of my favourite times of year. We celebrate it as a family from the religious point but also enjoy the seasonal aspects too, doing crafts and we give the kids little Easter baskets as well as have a family Easter egg hunt. Last year bab's really wanted to make an Easter basket for her Nannie, which I thought was a lovely idea. We didn't go over board as i'm big on not buying things that will be thrown out quickly so we included some beautiful little glass bunny jars which mum has used for make up bits in her bathroom! Some seeds as one of bab's favourite things to do with Nannie in the spring is to plant flowers (my mum's flowers are always stunning) , we added two of nannies favourite chocolates, popped a card in from each kiddo and put them all in a  lovely wooden crate which she has used in her home since as well. I think in total this was under a tenner for everything. A small but nice gesture! I think we will do it again this year! 
I will be sharing my ideas for this years kids baskets in the coming weeks too!

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