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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

A little walk to silent valley

It's spots like silent valley that make me take a wee moment and really appreciate just how beautiful this little country of ours is. We have some of the most breath taking scenery! 
Hubby first took me to Silent valley when we were dating way back 12 years ago. I instantly loved it, Its gorgeous, like a scene from a movie. It's a great place to take a family trip out to.
It has a fantastic play area, which bab's had an absolute ball in! There is a really great long walk around the waterside if your up for that! Or a couple shorter walks.  We only walked a bit of it as babs was "too tired" in reality she had past the park to get to it and was desperate to get back there to do ninja warrior on the equipment. So we had a quick dander up the hill, which is an epic hill, especially if you walk up on the grass, Yes there are steps which are equally as tough going if like me you had a snoozing baby strapped to your chest in a carrier. But once up at the dam it was so much handier carrying him in the carrier than pushing him in a pram.  The amount of people I seen struggling up the steps with prams was unreal and then navigating back down again looked a nightmare! Babywearing for the win again! But just look at that view! The scenery is amazing!
I love taking the kids to places like this, that I always loved going to with hubby back in the day.
We are trying to get out, into the great outdoors more as a family, especially as the days are starting to get milder and we are on the brink of spring. Babs is a big picnic fan, she loves nothing more than packing up a wee bag and then laying everything out in her chosen spot! We didn't bring one this time much to her disappointment, but I've promised her the next visit here we will!  I'm sure we will be heading back here in the coming months, next time hubby's carrying baby boy up the hill though!!

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