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Sunday, 14 January 2018

New year, same old me?

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The new year is a weird one for me. I've never really been bitten by the new year party/ resolutions hype. Which is kind of odd for me, because I love a theme! I adore decorating for different seasons and celebrations. Even if it's just a little nod to valentines in the form of a bouquet or an Easter garland or autumnal wreath, I love adding a little themed decor to our home. But New years, I could take it or leave it. And because new years isn't a big deal to me, I don't tend to join in the new year new me resolutions either. However this year I've written myself a little list of goals, not resolutions as such, but things i'd like to do or achieve/ I am striving for in the coming months. So I thought i'd share a few of them.

Number one and this is a biggey for me, Contentment! Contentment in all aspects of life, but mainly with our house. Contentment with our unfinished still half painted, no skirting boards home. I find myself falling down the instagram rabbit hole and looking longingly at, beautiful finished, magazine-isk, country dwelling, floral, neat homes. Then looking round at our little half finished "hobbit hole" as I call it and feeling down in the dumps. I'm going to really try to this year to just be more content with my little home. Yes we have still 50% of the rooms to redecorate, the bathroom looks like something from another era and we have a severe lack of storage anywhere in the house, but we are very blessed I know to own our own home. So i'm going to try super hard this year to not become worked up about what we have not got done and appreciate what we have! Though it would be amazing if we finally got the bluming skirting boards on!

Books, I'm a book worm who doesn't read hardly at all anymore! But I've a lovely little pile stacked beside my bed that i'm wading my way through, granted slowly, but surely!

Body. Ohh touchy subject for me. I feel like this is a never ending battle, inside my own head! Post baby body round two. This year i'm not going to beat myself up that i'm not a size 10, heck I haven't seen that size on my clothes labels since before babs was born! I am however going to reintroduce exercise into my daily life and make some healthy changes.
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Blog. I have such a desire to blog, but coupled with crippling anxiety about putting out content and being judged in any critical or negative way for it. My hubby recently remarked about how I used to blog all the time, on my previous blog I blogged for 3 years non stop. I never really worried about what people thought of my space online back then, but now, now I'm a bundle of nerves. I'm hoping to get over this and just feel free to spill my thoughts and feelings on here as easily as I once did.

Finally business. I have had two little business ideas floating around in my head & heart for well over two years now. Neither have went any further than that, but this year I would love to put down the foundations for these and have the courage to try them out!


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